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Paul Graham lists startup ideas that he would like to fund, but the one I'd most like to see isn't on the list: personal information management. I'd like a service that puts all of my info in one place - contacts, bookmarks, notes, photos, etc. There would be a wide variety of ways to get information into the system: By email, as bookmarks, by phone, as paper, etc. It would be indexed by content, and also optionally by tagging it manually. There would be a (login-protected) search engine that I could use to find my information, and it would also be mirrored onto my local machine so that I could access it when offline. It would also serve me, via an email or RSS digest, changes to my information that it finds elsewhere, and content it finds on the web that might be interesting based on similarity to my own info. One could cobble together something that does most of this from various bits and pieces already available, but if someone consolidated all of that functionality into a simple, unified user experience, I'd pay for it.

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