Joe Ganley

I make software and sometimes other things.

I have been programming since I was 10 years old, and professionally since receiving my Ph.D. in CS in 1995. I am a software engineering lead for Orbital Insight, a geospatial analytics software startup. Previously I did data analytics (mostly natural language processing and text analysis) with The DarkStar Group, for a government client. Before that I worked at Invincea Labs on cybersecurity R&D, and before that I ran the Federal Services division at Digital Reasoning, a data analytics company that focuses on extracting meaning from unstructured text. I have also done work in various areas of data science, analytics, visualization, and entity resolution at Novetta and Booz Allen Hamilton. Prior to all of that I had a 12-year career in software development for computer-aided design of integrated circuits.

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Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my wife and three daughters. I like to bicycle, climb, hike, and ski, as well as many other things I'm less good at. Occasionally I find time for my own programming projects, for writing, and for making things.

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