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Well, not really. But I did just discover that my Lisp in JavaScript interpreter is part of Google Chrome's test suite.

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Reader Bennet Yee pointed out that my Lisp in JavaScript interpreter failed on his Y-combinator code, as follows:
    ((lambda (x y) (x x y)) (lambda (me n) (cond ((< n 1) 1) (t (* n (me me (- n 1)))))) 4)
Naturally, I suspected a bug in the lambda machinery, but it turned out to be much simpler: The symbol-table lookup code had a conditional that depended on the value of the variable being looked up, and JavaScript (as in C/C++) equates 0 to false. Thus, it failed to find the variable when its value was 0. I hadn't caught this before because I habitually write that terminating condition as the slightly more efficient "< n 2", and thus it terminates before n reaches 0.

This task also led me to revisit the Y combinator, which is really beautiful. For those who don't want to wade through the details, it's a clever mechanism for implementing a recursive call to a lambda (i.e. nameless) function.

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