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On the left, a $25 Timex Camper. On the right, a $100 Bertucci A-2T. I wanted the Bertucci, but that black-on-black design was out of stock everywhere, so I got the Timex instead. It amazes me how similar these are; I wonder which was first? I also wonder, as I always do with watches, about the relative quality of these two. There's no doubt that the Bertucci is a better watch, but four times better? I've been dubious about expensive watches ever since my $250 Casio bit the dust after snorkeling in 12 feet of water. I'd love to see someone do a real field stress-test of a bunch of watches in a range of prices.

Aside: The closest thing I could find to an official G.I. standard issue watch looks very similar to these.

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