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Due to Blogger's termination of support for FTP, this blog is no longer active.

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Due to the nature of my work, I keep a calendar on my desk at work that is separate from my various personal calendar and note-taking machinery.

Initially I used a standard month-at-a-glance calendar, but I found it a nuisance writing things inside of little boxes. Then I switched to a linear perpetual calendar (similar to this) - basically just a lined, numbered list - but found that in locating today on the page, I often don't know the date exactly, but rely on the day of the week as an indexing cue.

So what I came up with was a list format, but with the day numbers offset according to the day of the week. Here is this month's in PDF form: weekdays only, which is what I use, or with the full week. One of these days I may automate the generation of these, but in the meantime I'll try to post each month's as I generate it for myself.

No sooner had I posted this than I ran across a similar (but prettier) design from Amy Marcella (via Oh So Beautiful Paper).

Update: Here's December, weekdays only and full week. If anyone uses these, please make a comment to that effect, as otherwise I won't bother posting subsequent months.

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