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Still far from peaking, and I'm already annoyed with internet video. Don't get me wrong, in the right circumstances I love video. I like Hulu and Netflix on demand. But the trend toward presenting everything exclusively in video format is a real problem for me. I cannot see videos at work. I cannot watch them in the car, and I can't watch them in public unless I bring along earbuds. None of which is to say that video shouldn't be used, but it would be nice if a few stills were provided so that I could have any idea what the video contained, and in the case of videos where the picture isn't really required, it would be nice if they would provide an audio-only feed. (Yes, some do, and yes, I can extract them myself if not, so this isn't a big deal.) The Make blog, which otherwise I love, is particularly notorious about this. And if I have issues with video, I can only imagine how frustrating it is for the blind for information to trend in this direction.

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