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I'm blogging this.

Mission accomplished: I wrote a new blog post every day in the month of February.

I love taking photos, but I hate traveling with a camera. You end up looking at everything as a photo opportunity, and in effect watching your vacation through the viewfinder of the camera instead of fully participating in it.

So it is, I've found, with trying to blog every day. You end up considering every thought and every experience through the filter of, "Can I blog about this?" As a result, you aren't fully participating in those experiences; to some degree, you become a spectator. It's an interesting way to feel, but largely not a positive one; while I'm happy to have done this, I don't expect to continue or repeat the effort. I can only assume that many journalists and writers feel like this all the time, and for that I feel bad for them.

Furthermore, the pressure to post frequently conflicts with the desire to write longer and more deeply considered work. I find that I've generated a small backlog of things that I'd like to write about, but that will require more than a day's investment to produce. Hopefully I'll get to these in the coming months.

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