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I make software and sometimes other things.


Due to Blogger's termination of support for FTP, this blog is no longer active.

It is possible that some links from here, particularly those within the site, are now broken. If you encounter one of those, your best bet is to go to the new front page and hunt for it from there.

Most, but not all, of the blog's posts are on this page; the archives are here.

The other day my 7-year-old saw me working on my blog, and informed me, "Daddy, 'blog' is not a word. 'Weblog' is a word, but 'blog' isn't." She has some authority on the subject. A while back my beloved keyboard died, and I clipped off the cord and gave it to her to play with. Now, whenever we have guests over, she brings down that keyboard and "makes them a web site," interviewing them and banging away on the keyboard.

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