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Due to Blogger's termination of support for FTP, this blog is no longer active.

It is possible that some links from here, particularly those within the site, are now broken. If you encounter one of those, your best bet is to go to the new front page and hunt for it from there.

Most, but not all, of the blog's posts are on this page; the archives are here.

Via the Beautiful Code blog, a couple of nice sorting results: First, the proportion extend sort, a recursive sort that allegedly outperforms quicksort in both theory and practice. (Warning: Their code is pretty hard to understand, undercommented and obfuscated.) Second, the Python distribution contains a very nice writeup of the sorting routing Tim Peters used to implement listsort. The filename is listsort.txt, and it describes a nicely engineered adaptive mergesort with some elegant tricks to make it perform better on lists that already contain some order.

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