Joe Ganley

Life List

Attend the Oscars.
Attend the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco.
Be on Jeopardy!
Bike a century.
Build a clock from scratch (buying gears is okay, a kit is not).
Bungee jump.
Climb a difficult but nontechnical mountain: Perhaps Long's Peak, Fuji, or Kilimanjaro.
Dive a shipwreck.
Do the Bay Bridge Walk.
Drink a really good martini.
Drive a car at over 120mph.
Drive Ride in a swamp boat (the ones powered by a big fan).
Drive down the CA coast.
Earn a belt in a martial art.
Fly an airplane. No need for a pilot's license, I just want to fly a plane once.
Get a barbershop straight-razor shave.
Go off of an Olympic ski jump.
Go on a police ride-along.
Have a speaking role in a TV show or movie.
Kill a rattlesnake, eat it, and make a hatband from its skin.
Learn a foreign language.
Learn to draw better.
Learn to juggle 3 clubs and 4 balls (not at the same time).
Learn to play a musical instrument competently.
Learn to ride a motorcycle.
Learn to rollerblade well.
Learn to sail, and take a week(s)-long sailing vacation with no crew.
Learn to snowboard.
Learn to tie a variety of knots.
Learn to work metal.
Learn to write beautifully (italic?).
Live for (at least) a few months in the country.
Live for (at least) a few months in NYC.
Make liquid-nitrogen ice cream.
Own a beach house.
Own a convertible.
Own a Jeep Wrangler.
Pet a tiger.
Play paintball.
Publish a novel.
Raft a class-5 whitewater.
Read the entire bible.
Ride in a blimp.
Ride in a glider.
Ride in a helicopter.
Ride in a maglev train (must exceed 200mph).
See O.
See Stomp.
See a total solar eclipse.
See the Clock of the Long Now, assuming it's built in my lifetime; if not, then the prototype in London.
See the aurora borealis.
Skate on a frozen body of water.
Stay at East Brother Light Station again, this time for two nights and with friends.
Take an archery class.
Take a multi-day bike ride.
Take a multi-day hike.
Take a vacation in Seaside, FL.
Take vocal training.
Through-hike the John Muir Trail.
Visit the Akihabara.
Visit Antarctica.
Visit Fallingwater.
Visit the Grand Canyon.
Visit Hancock Shaker Village.
Visit Hawaii.
Visit Las Vegas.
Visit Legoland (either one).
Visit Nantucket.
Visit the Tiger's Nest.
Watch a spider spin an entire web (the big, Charlotte's Web kind).